Gas Prices

6-Week Abortion Ban Upheld by South Carolina Supreme Court

South Carolina’s Supreme Court upheld the state’s 6-week abortion ban.

Gas Prices Rise Under Biden

U.S. sees gas prices reach a 10-month peak ahead of labor day.

U.S. Inflation Rises to 3.2% Under Biden

Digging deeper into the data, "core inflation," which excludes the often fluctuating prices of food and energy, rose to an alarming 4.7% for the year.

Gas Prices Drop for 4th of July

Current national average gas price still 35% above the figure at the close of the Trump administration in 2019.

Nearly 70% of Americans Want Stricter Border Policies: Harvard-Harris Poll

Along with that 68% of Americans, 73% of swing-voting independents, told the pollsters they want stricter border policies.

U.S. Gas Prices on the Rise, Worst Yet to Come

"Oil prices remain a wildcard, but we’re likely a few weeks away from seeing the national average peak," says head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy.

Two Tennessee Senators Endorse Trump

Lawmakers are choosing sides in the upcoming 2024 presidential race.

American Voters Prefer Trump to Run Against Biden Than Other GOP Candidates

InteractivePolls referenced a Premise Poll in stating that voters prefer Trump to run against Biden for the 2024 presidential election than any other GOP candidate.

California Lawmakers to Vote on Bill Penalizing Oil Companies for Raising Gas Prices

California lawmakers will vote on a bill penalizing gas and oil companies for raising gas prices.

U.K. Politician Suggests People ‘Work More’ To Afford Food Under Rising Inflation

Britain’s environment secretary suggested people struggling to pay for food during a historic cost-of-living crisis consider working more hours.

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