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U.S. Annual Inflation Rate Jumps to 3.7% in August Under Biden Admin

The Bureau pinpointed gasoline as a leading contributor, which "accounted for over half of the increase" in August.

6-Week Abortion Ban Upheld by South Carolina Supreme Court

South Carolina’s Supreme Court upheld the state’s 6-week abortion ban.

Beef Company CEO Says Push for mRNA Technology in Cattle Is ‘War Against Americans Being Healthy’

President and CEO of Whole Cows Jason Nelson said the push for mRNA injections in livestock and lab-grown beef is a "war against Americans being healthy."

Biden’s America Pays More for Memorial Day BBQs: Bidenflation

The average American will now pay $27.32 for seven barbecue must-haves, a nearly 9% hike from last year's $25.07.

Russia Surpasses U.S. in Fertilizer Production

Output increased by 40% over the past decade to reach 55 million tons annually.

U.K. Food Prices at Highest Level in Half a Century

Food prices from inflation are the highest in 45 years.

Consumer Prices Rise, Inflation ‘Remains Too Hot’

While services inflation began to moderate and rent prices rose at a slower pace, "inflation still remains too hot for the Fed's liking," according to senior economist at Wells Fargo in Charlotte, North Carolina Sarah House.

U.K. Politician Suggests People ‘Work More’ To Afford Food Under Rising Inflation

Britain’s environment secretary suggested people struggling to pay for food during a historic cost-of-living crisis consider working more hours.

The Inflation and Tax Assault on the American People

According to the January report of the Consumer Price Index, price inflation increased by 0.5 percent last month.

World Economic Forum’s Davos Set for ‘Record Participation’ as 52 Heads of State to Attend Globalist Summit

The Swiss town of Davos will host 52 heads of state and government and nearly 600 CEOs as the World Economic Forum hosts its annual meeting in the Alps next week, organizers said Tuesday.

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