Biden’s America Pays More for Memorial Day BBQs: Bidenflation

This Memorial Day, American households find themselves grappling with increased barbecue costs amidst the persistent economic climate.

Biden’s America has seen a relentless surge in food inflation, rendering even a simple barbecue more expensive than before.

Recent data reveals that food prices have surged 7.7% over the last year through April, as disclosed by the latest Consumer Price Index.

However, traditional barbecue elements, such as ketchup and mustard, have seen a more dramatic surge, according to insights from research firm Datasembly.

The average American will now pay $27.32 for seven barbecue must-haves, a nearly 9% hike from last year’s $25.07.

Notably, this rise has been flagged by consumers, with more than 75% stating in a Numerator survey that they expect these increasing prices to impact their holiday spend.

Examining the numbers, Datasembly discovered that a 32-ounce bottle of ketchup had the most drastic price hike at 27.9%.

This was followed by a 20-ounce bottle of mustard, which rose 13%, and a relish increase of 12.3%.

Meanwhile, hot dogs are also more expensive by almost 3%, mirroring the April CPI trends.

Bakery goods are not immune to the inflation wave either.

Hamburger and hot dog buns saw a price hike of around 7.4%, matching the upward trajectory of flour and other bakery product costs.

Insights provided by Chicago-based market research firm Circana OmniMarket Integrated Fresh highlight that ribeye steaks have seen the most significant price surge among beef products year over year.

The price for a pound of ribeye steak was $12.57 for the four weeks leading up to May 14, a staggering 11.6% increase compared to the same period last year.

A look back at May 2022 reveals that hot dog prices had surged by 16.3% from the previous year, underlining the sharp and consistent uptick in food costs that characterizes the ongoing ‘Bidenflation.’