Beef Company CEO Says Push for mRNA Technology in Cattle Is ‘War Against Americans Being Healthy’

President and CEO of Whole Cows Jason Nelson said the push for mRNA injections in livestock and lab-grown beef is a “war against Americans being healthy.”

The veteran-owned company has promised to shut down before accepting mRNA in its products.

“As far as the beef industry itself, it’s under attack from multiple angles,” Nelson said.

“For them to say … all of a sudden … cows are bad—not all animals—just cows—that cows are the ones destroying the climate—it’s a scam,” he continued, adding, “They seem to think that’s the way out of whatever imaginary climate crisis they’ve created.”

Nelson said his customers’ primary concerns involve mRNA.

“What they’re scared of is what’s in their beef. They don’t know what’s in their food,” he said. “Every question we get is, ‘Are you sure it doesn’t have mRNA? Are you sure it doesn’t have GMO?’”

“Freeze-dried food is what people need for long-term,” Nelson suggested, explaining that it is a “way to stabilize food prices.”

“My mission is to provide people with a sense of security. That’s what I want to do. That’s all I’m going to do,” Nelson stated.

Reporting from The Epoch Times:

Whole Cows uses a sublimation machine process for cattle, turning water from the meat into gas to remove all moisture in a vacuum environment.

The process is designed to move quickly. Mr. Nelson said it takes about 24 hours to process three cows and around 600 pounds of meat from 1,400 pounds of carcass.


“I’m not trying to compete with anybody. We’re trying to be the best we can be. You can set the industry standard. That’s good. If you can raise the bar, that helps everyone.”