Firing Squad

Biden’s New Battle Cry for the War on COVID

As President Joe Biden searches for slogans, excuses, and scapegoats to explain his miserable wreck of a presidency, I would suggest one for the handling of the never-ending COVID saga: “Not as bad as China.”

South Carolina Institutes Firing Squad Executions

South Carolina now has the means to facilitate executions by firing squad, officials said Friday, making it one of few states where it is lawful to carry out a death sentence in that manner.

Human Rights Group Claims North Korea Executes People Who Watch K-Pop

The group says that, over the past decade, the Kim Jong-un regime has sentenced at least seven K-Pop watchers to death by firing squad.

CRT: America’s Cultural Revolution

Nowhere is the abuse of power in directing government manpower and spending more blatant than in the Biden administration’s promotion of Critical Race Theory (CRT) training throughout all federal government agencies.

South Carolina is ordered to form an actual firing squad

We recently discussed a new law in South Carolina designed to allow condemned inmates the choice between being executed in the electric chair or a firing squad.

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