Andy Ngo Awarded 300K After Antifa Defendants Failed To Defend Themselves in Court

Post Millennial senior editor Andy Ngo was awarded $300,000 after three alleged Antifa defendants did not defend themselves in court as part of a lawsuit.

Hunter Biden’s Former Friend Says He Sought Father’s ‘Approval and Love,’ Describes Drug Addiction

Former stripper and friend Hunter Biden Allie Kennedy told The Daily Mail that much of Biden's behavior is due to feeling inadequate and second-best to his late brother Beau.

Hunter Biden Misleads Judge About Legal Practice Standing, Reveals Connecticut Bar Suspension for Non-payment

Connecticut Judicial Branch records revealed that Hunter's license to practice law in Connecticut was suspended more than two years ago due to non-payment of annual fees amounting to a mere $75 since 2018.

Rep. Timmons Exposes ‘How the Biden Scheme Works’ in 7 Steps: ‘Wash. Rinse. Repeat.’

1. Foreign client has a problem. 2. Client pays a Biden. 3. VP Biden travels to the country. 4. VP Biden leverages U.S. influence to force favorable outcomes for the client. 5. THE BIDEN FAMILY EARNS THEIR FEE. 6. Find a new foreign client. 7. Wash. Rinse. Repeat."

Biden Plan Could Give U.K. Climate Group Control Over U.S. Defense Contracts

"I think Americans will be upset when they realize the Biden administration is trying to put a bunch of unelected bureaucrats and a climate activist group—headquartered in London—in charge of long-term planning for our national defense contractors," says Heritage Foundation senior researcher.

‘Why We Must Come Together’: Ron Paul

(Ron Paul | The Ron Paul Institute) One of the greatest influences on both my personal philosophy and the strategy of how to promote...

New York County District Attorney Ends Criminal Investigation into Trump Organization Without Filing Charges

The investigation was closed in early June by District Attorney Mimi Rocah.

Several Students Sue Officials For Kicking Conservative Chapter Off University Campus

Students involved in the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter at the University at Buffalo (UB) filed a lawsuit against the school’s Student Association for allegedly kicking their chapter off campus after banning groups from taking part in national organizations.

Los Angeles County Contemplates Charging Drivers for Using Freeways

As the study has not yet been released, it is unclear how much each person will have to pay.

New York State Prepares to Ban Natural Gas Hookups in New Construction

Under the budget deal, the ban on natural gas hookups will commence in 2025 for small buildings and in 2028 for large buildings.

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