Trans Colorado State Rep Held Drag Fundraiser, Reportedly Allowed Minors to Attend

The event was fundraised using ActBlue, a platform for Democratic candidates and organizations.

Gov DeSantis Signs Bills Safeguarding Personal Finances and Privacy, Restricting Use of Central Bank Digital Currency, Credit Card Monitoring

Bill "prohibits foreign-issued CBDC to protect consumers against globalist efforts to adopt a worldwide digital currency."

Russian President Condemns Ideologies of Superiority as ‘Disgusting, Criminal, and Deadly’

According to Putin, Western "globalist" elites "still talk about their exclusivity, put people against each other and divide society, provoke bloody conflicts and coups" and "sow hatred."

Hollywood Elites Join LGBTQ Groups For ‘Drag Isn’t Dangerous’ Telethon

Several drag stars and celebrities will perform on a live and pre-taped appearance Sunday on the "Drag Isn’t Dangerous" Telethon.

Russia’s ‘Merchant Of Death’ Warns Donald Trump His Life Is In ‘Danger’

Russia's "merchant of death" Viktor Bout recently sent Donald Trump a message, warning the former president his life was in "danger."

Alexander Soros, Son of Billionaire Philanthropist George Soros, Makes 14 White House Visits Since Biden’s Inauguration

The younger Soros is Chair of the Open Society Foundation, his father's international grantmaking network, and sits on the board of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR).

John Kerry Says More Climate Mandates Coming From Biden Admin

John Kerry says the Biden Administration has more climate mandates coming.

The Worst Prison Is the One You Don’t Know You’re In

What if I told you that a very powerful man has, in his own words, been "infiltrating governments" around the world to implement a surveillance state, strip you of your property rights, and remove your freedom of speech?

The Vindictive Prosecution of Donald Trump Is Based in Democrats’ Hatred of His Supporters

The burning need of the Democrat establishment and their cronies in media to prosecute Donald Trump for the crime of becoming President has reached a fever pitch this week.

Sen. Hawley Looks to Revoke China’s Trade Relations Status Within Two Years

The Missouri senator says he wants to "end normal trade relations, put in place strong tariffs, and protect American workers."

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