Election Audit

CA Gov. Newsom Recall to Use Mail-In Ballots Amid 2020 Election Fraud Claims

Social media reacts to mail-in-ballots being used for the California gubernatorial recall election.

Huge PA Election Audit Development: GOP Senator Says ‘Let the Fun Begin’

As the Arizona election audit nears its end, one Republican lawmaker is preparing to take a critical swing state down the same path.

Trump: Claim ‘No Evidence of Election Fraud’ is ‘FAKE NEWS’

"This election was a scam, and the Lamestream Media is doing everything in their power not to allow the people to see or read about what really took place."

Karen Fann Explains Path to Decertification of 2020 Election Results, Warrants for Maricopa County

Fann slammed State Senator Boyer for going "over to the dark side" and blocking progress on the audit.

Twitter Suspends AZ Election Audit Accounts

Two social media accounts representing the Arizona Senate's review of the 2020 presidential election in Maricopa County were suspended for violating Twitter's rules Tuesday.

AZ Senator Booed Off Stage at Trump Event (Video)

A GOP lawmaker from Arizona was booed off stage at a Trump "Protect Our Elections" in Phoenix.

Trump Says AZ Voting Fraud Can ‘Change’ 2020 Election Outcome: ‘People Will Be Shocked’

In Friday statements, President Trump criticized the "concerted effort of the Fake News Media" to discredit "massive number of voter irregularities and fraud" while citing election irregularities revealed by the Maricopa County, Arizona State Senate election audit hearing.

Election Integrity Group Says Ballot Image Analysis in Fulton County Shows ‘Provable Fraud’ in Audit

Are we approaching the day when former President Donald Trump will be vindicated for his claims that the election that robbed him of a second term was stolen?

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