New Documents Show Joe Biden’s Involvement in Son Hunter’s Ukraine Business Dealings: America First Legal

America First Legal (AFL) has released a new set of documents obtained from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) through a lawsuit against the organization.

These documents pertain to Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine during his father Joe Biden’s tenure as Vice President in the Obama Administration.

According to AFL, these documents provide evidence that Joe Biden was directly involved in his son’s business dealings, which contradicts his previous claims of having no involvement.

AFL claims that “then-Vice President Biden personally signed off on the statement given in response to reporters about whether Hunter’s appointment to Burisma undermines the Vice President’s credibility in pushing anti-corruption measures in the country.”

The AFL also claims that the documents reveal coordination between the Office of the Vice President and Hunter Biden’s associates in responding to press inquiries.

For example, the Office of the Vice President connected reporters to Amos Hochstein, a trusted Biden advisor, to provide a “unique and valuable perspective” on relationships in Ukraine.

AFL states that the evidence from these documents is that the Office of the Vice President “coordinated closely with Rosemont Seneca Advisors in response to press inquiries, including inquiries regarding Hunter Biden’s alleged Ashley Madison Account.”

One significant email found in the documents is from then-U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie L. Yovanovitch to Victoria Nuland, Anna Makanju in Vice President Biden’s office, and Eric Ciaramella, the “whistleblower” in the first impeachment proceeding against former President Trump, in the National Security Counsel.

In the email, Yovanovitch forwarded an email prepared by a Ukrainian public relations and political intelligence firm called “lbicompany” that accused Burisma of dumping natural gas to pay bribes.

The email also mentioned that Hunter Biden and former Polish President Kwasniewski “are on the Burisma board.”

AFL states that the evidence from these documents proves that then-VP Biden “personally signed off on the official statement in response to questions from reporters about whether Hunter’s position with Burisma undermines the Vice President’s credibility in pushing anti-corruption measures in the country.”

As a result of AFL’s lawsuit, the National Archives is required to release additional documents in the coming weeks.

“More explosive revelations in the latest batch of documents obtained as a result of America First Legal’s litigation against the National Archives,” AFL President Stephen Miller said in a statement. “These documents conclusively demonstrate that there is no daylight between Hunter and Joe Biden on Ukraine.”

“Taken together with the Oversight Committee’s revelations about the Biden Family finances, it is now indisputable that there is a need for a full criminal investigation into the Bidens’ foreign influence peddling and exotic foreign financial payoffs. This can be ignored no longer,” Miller concluded.

The group has made all of the documents available here.