Drag Queen Story Hour

California Parents Prevent Children’s Drag Queen Story Hour

California parents protected their children from LGBTQ indoctrination by protesting a Drag Queen Story Hour.

Legal Team Calls for Federal Investigation After Librarians Look To Censor Christians

After an official for the American Library Association allegedly provided recommendations for how librarians can limit Christians' freedom of speech, a legal team is calling for a federal investigation into the matter.

Minneapolis Public Schools Hold ‘Gender Resource Fair,’ Include Drag Queen Story Hour

The Minneapolis Public Schools held a “gender resource fair,” promoting transgenderism for children and a drag queen story hour.

Matt Gaetz Questions General Milley, Secretary Austin on Drag Queen Shows—Milley Admits Those Events ‘Shouldn’t Be Happening’

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin maintained, "Drag queen story hour is not something the department funds."

‘LibsOfTikTok’ Story Hour Canceled Over Threats From Violent Protests at Similar Conservative Events

A children's book event hosted by Chaya Raichik, a conservative author who runs the @LibsOfTikTok account, has been canceled over threats.

Yale Law School Hosts Drag Queen Children’s Book Reading

Yale Law School hosted its first drag queen children's book reading and talk on diversity and inclusivity, featuring Robin Fierce, a Ru Paul's Drag Race contestant.

YouTube Kids Defends Videos Promoting LGBT+ Agenda

YouTube Kids, a children's streaming service, hosts over 100 videos with drag queens, LBGT+ themes, or gender and sexuality content targeting children.

Biden Invites Children’s Drag Queen Performer to ‘Respect for Marriage Act’ Signing

Drag queen Marti Cummings has been invited by the Biden administration to witness the signing of the "Respect for Marriage Act."

Americans Hate Congress—Yet Reelected Every Senate Incumbent for First Time in a Century

Just one in five Americans say they approve of their representation in Congress.

Pastors ‘Push Back’ on Drag Queen Story Hour by Creating ‘Pastor Story Hour’

Pastors Dale Partridge and Michael Foster are creating Pastor Story Hour to take action against libraries' Drag Queen Story Hour.

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