Burger King Presents ‘Pride Whopper’ for ‘Pride Month’, Faces Calls to ‘#BoycottBurgerKing’

Burger King Austria unveiled on Instagram its new LGBTQ promotion showcasing "two equal buns" per burger.

Video Shows Thousands of Italians Eating Their Own Food in the Streets as Restaurants Demanding Vax Passports Stand Empty

Video footage shows Italians eating potluck style in the streets with a caption that indicates it's a protest against the vaccine passports required at restaurants.

ANOTHER In-N-Out Burger Shut Down For Refusing To Be ‘Vaccine Police’

The Burger chains are being punished for refusing to ‘segregate’ their customers.

Restaurant Reservation App OpenTable To Integrate Vaccination Status Into Service

In an under the radar announcement last week, popular restaurant reservation service OpenTable revealed that it will integrate vaccination status into it’s app and website forms, to enable establishments to enforce vaccine pass mandates.

‘Dangerous Territory Ahead:’ What a Vaccine-Segregated Society Looks Like for Unvaxxed

The idea that COVID countermeasures might include forced vaccination and vaccine passports, resulting in a segregated society where only those participating in the vaccine experiment would have human rights, was once labeled a wild conspiracy theory — but we are now heading into that dangerous territory.

Black Lives Matter Activists Harass NYC Diners at ‘White-Owned’ Eatery to ‘Get Out’

A group of Black Lives Matter activists were caught on video harassing and heckling diners at a taqueria in New York City, yelling at them to"get the ---- out" and shouting that the "white-owned" establishment was not welcome.

BLM Rioters Harassed Cops, Outdoor Diners, & Trashed The Columbus Statue Near U.S. Capitol And Barely Anyone Reported It.

A group of over a hundred protestors against police violence gathered in downtown Washington, D.C. Friday night, harassing outdoor diners and getting into aggressive confrontations with police officers.

VIDEO: Diners Chant ‘Get Out! Get Out!’ At Gov. COVID Health Enforcers

Patrons of a restaurant in British Columbia, Canada united to shout down a pair of city health inspectors trying to close the business for allegedly violating COVID-19 guidelines.

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