VIDEO: Diners Chant ‘Get Out! Get Out!’ At Gov. COVID Health Enforcers

  • Citizens stand up to COVID shutdowns

Patrons of a restaurant in British Columbia, Canada united to shout down a pair of city health inspectors trying to close the business for allegedly violating COVID-19 guidelines.

The footage, captured on Saturday, shows a woman who runs the Corduroy restaurant in Vancouver holding a small child while telling the inspectors they are “trespassing on her private property.”

Despite being asked to leave, one of the health inspectors tells the woman “I disagree” about the claim of trespassing.

At this point, nearly every person in the restaurant starts loudly chanting, “Get out! Get out!” at the masked emissaries of the state.

When the health inspectors leave due to the chanting, patrons of the establishment go wild with applause.

Corduroy restaurant continues to stay open against the “closure order” mandated by the local government.

More citizens and business owners need to fight back against unjust COVID regulations before it’s too late.