Video Shows Thousands of Italians Eating Their Own Food in the Streets as Restaurants Demanding Vax Passports Stand Empty

Video footage shows Italians eating potluck style in the streets with a caption that indicates it’s a protest against the vaccine passports required at restaurants.

  • Footage uploaded to Twitter shows people packing the streets of Livorno, Italy, eating food set up potluck style as restaurants on the other end of the streets stand empty.
  • A second video of street dinars came with the caption (roughly translated) “In Turin, the vaccinated and the unvaccinated demonstratively eat together outside from a richly set table: because the latter are not allowed to eat in restaurants and bars.”
  • News stories on the phenomenon are almost non-existent, but the same images were found on Reddit where a user claiming to be from Italy said that people are eating and drinking in the streets because of the vaccine mandates.
  • Italy has taken some aggressive measures to combat COVID-19, including their “digital green certificate” necessary to access some locations, according to the US Embassy in Italy, which was implemented in August of 2021.
  • Just months later, in December, a new “Super” Gree Pass was created and granted to only those who were fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID.
  • Some Italian cities introduced fines of up to more than $500 for dining in the streets in 2018 as a way of combating dining “al fresco” for those not in restaurants, according to CNN.
  • The ban keeps people from pausing in the historic streets to eat food on sidewalks, roadways and the doorsteps of shops and houses.