Meta Blocks All Apps of Russia’s Ria and Sputnik Outlets

The media’s parent company denounced the platform’s move as “censorship”

East v. West?: Putin Criticizes Western Media, Zelenskyy Asks E.U. To Admit Ukraine ‘Immediately’

Russia’s president criticizes the West as the country faces a new massive wave of sanctions, while Ukraine's president asks to be admitted into the European Union.

Russian and Ukrainian Officials Met in Belarus for Peace Talks

Officials from Russia and Ukraine met in Gomel region, Belarus on Monday to talk about potentially ending the invasion of Russia into the Ukrainian-held territory.

‘Snake Island’ Story of Russian Warship Killing ‘Defiant’ Ukrainian Soldiers Was Fake News

Western news outlets and social media accounts spread the story of Ukrainian soldiers on Snake Island defiantly telling off the Russian navy before being killed—the story is now confirmed "fake news."

Christian Universities Need a Reset

Imagine the Christian college industry as a poorly played game of Risk.

Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee Has Far-Left Record

On Feb. 25, President Joe Biden nominated Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, a former public defender and current federal appeals judge in Washington, D.C., to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.

Russia ‘Ready for Settlement of Ukraine Crisis’: Russian Foreign Ministry

Russian Foreign Minister briefs Turkish top diplomat on Russia’s operation in Donbass.

Vax that ‘Self-Spreads’ Like a Virus Without Patient Consent Subsidized by N.I.H.: ‘Some People Will Die Who Would Otherwise Have Lived’

Scientists worry self-spreading vaccines could be hijacked to make biological weapons.

Putin Declares Beginning of Military Operation for ‘Demilitarization and Denazification’ of Ukraine

Russia's leader says Moscow seeks "demilitarization and denazification" of Ukraine, tells Ukrainian army to lay down weapons, warns of response to foreign intervention.

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