Northwestern University Officials Sign Resolution Condemning Israel as ‘Apartheid’

Northwestern University officials and faculty signed a resolution condemning Israel and demanding the school end ties with the nation.

The resolution called Israel a “terror” state and accused it of committing “one of the most atrocious and monstrous sieges in modern history.”

There were more than 2,500 signatories of the resolution.

“We demand that Northwestern divest from all defense stocks and investments and from all companies that support Israeli apartheid,” the resolution reads. “To this end, we demand that all future investment decisions be made with input from a recurring committee of students, staff, and community stakeholders.”

“After months of tightening what has–for the last 76 years–been a brutal and insufferable occupation, Israel is leading a multifront war on the people of Palestine that can only be described as ethnic cleansing and genocide,” it claims.

“Despite the immense loss of life and all that sustains it, US diplomatic, military, and top academic institutions have chosen to stand firmly on the side of terror. Northwestern is no exception. At a time when the international are raising their voices to denounce Israel’s disregard for human dignity and international law, the leadership of Northwestern has chosen to silence anti-war voices, intimidate students and scholars, platform Zionist narratives and provide cultural and material support to institutions that participate in the oppression of the Palestinian people.”

The resolution explained that the university’s partnership with Israel “renders our institution complicit in legitimizing, arming, and promoting a colonial regime built on apartheid and ethnic cleansing.”

“Through the Israel Innovation Project (IIP), Northwestern collaborates with Israeli academic institutions in the areas of biology, computer science, artificial intelligence, and engineering,” it explained. “Due to the strong relationship between the IDF and Israeli academia, such technological advancements contribute to the strengthening of the Israeli military-industrial complex and its capacity for surveillance and oppression of Palestinians.”