Attorney and Holocaust Survivor Stop Vax Passports in Orange County, California

California and New York were the first areas in the country to take steps toward vaccine passports last year. New York City implemented it, but Orange County didn’t, thanks to the efforts of human rights Attorney Leigh Dundas and holocaust survivor Vera Sharav.

School Board Apologizes Over ‘Taped Mask’ Incident—School’s Parents Not Satisfied With Explanation

A photo showing a teacher taping a cloth face mask to a young student seated at his desk has sparked condemnation from parents and a public apology from the head of the district’s board of school directors.

Video: Croatian MP Confronts Macron Over His Vax Mandate ‘Death Penalty’

"Tens of thousands of citizens have died due to vaccine side-effects. Mandatory vaccinations represent the death penalty and its execution for many citizens," he tells Macron.

‘It’s Medical Malpractice to Force Vaccines on Children’: Sen. Rand Paul

“We now have the scientific evidence that shows the risk of myocarditis for young males is greater for the vaccine than it is for the disease," Paul explained.

C.D.C. Changes Definition of ‘Fully’ Vaxed

The CDC has officially moved the goalposts on what it means to be vaccinated from COVID-19.

‘We Failed’: Danish Newspaper Apologizes for Not Questioning Govt. COVID Numbers

A major newspaper has published a stunning apology to readers, saying it had “failed” in its coverage of Covid-19.

Bill Gates, Indian Government Targeted in Lawsuit Alleging AstraZeneca Vaccine Killed 23-Year-Old

A lawsuit against Bill Gates, the Indian government and others, citing extensive case law, is attracting renewed scrutiny of Gates and his long-term, controversial involvement in India’s vaccine program.

Over a Million People Injured by Covid Vaccine, Billboard Campaign Warns

'There's something going on with this vaccine that’s causing incredible adverse reactions, and for some reason it's not being reported by the media or our government,' says billboard group's founder.

COVID Case Rate Highest Among Two-Dose Vaxxed, Lowest Among Unvaxxed: Public Health Scotland

Scottish data shows that the COVID-19 age-standardized case rate is highest among the two-dose vaccinated and lowest among unvaccinated!

Science Magazine Admits COVID Vax Can Cause COVID-like Symptoms

A recent publication in admitted that the COVID-19 vaccine could cause some recipients to suffer symptoms very similar to getting the virus itself.

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