Pfizer, FDA Dropped Data ‘Bombshell’ on COVID Vax Consumers: Children’s Health Defense

Clinical trial data contradicts ‘safe and effective’ government/industry mantra.

Former AG Bill Barr Says He Has Seen Epstein Prison Footage, and It Proves a Leading Theory

Did former Attorney General William Barr just settle questions surrounding notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s mysterious prison cell death once and for all?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Says Oil and Gas Production Need to Be Ramped Up: ‘Hate to Say It, but We Need to Increase Oil...

Tesla CEO Elon Musk issued a tweet on Friday declaring that oil and gas output should be ramped up, even though he acknowledged that such a move would have a negative impact on Tesla, which sells electric vehicles.

Feds Consider Ending Airline Mask Mandate This Month; Flight Attendants Union Wants Masks to Stay, Doesn’t Care That CDC Guidance Changed

Federal requirements that travelers wear masks on airplanes will be renewed if the unions have anything to say about it.

Ukraine’s Special Ops Command Announces They’ll Kill All Russian Prisoners: ‘No Mercy’

The official Facebook page for the Ukrainian Special Operations Command announced on Wednesday that they will no longer be taking prisoners in a statement believed to be tantamount to an admission of "war crimes."

Ukrainian President’s Claim About Radiation Leak Deemed False by the International Atomic Energy Agency & White House

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s assertion that Russia had shelled a nuclear plant and caused a radiation leak that could affect a large number of countries was deemed false and fact-checked by the White House.

Never Forget: The Same Politicians Calling for ‘Freedom’ Now Are the Ones Who Took Yours Away Months Ago

In case you haven’t noticed, a line is being drawn in the sand: you either stand with Ukraine and unquestioningly parrot the establishment narrative — or you are an agent of the Kremlin. The war propaganda is palpable and we haven’t seen anything like this since the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

Pro-Russian Ukrainian Mayor Found Shot Dead After Being Kidnapped

Pro-Russian Separatists Ukrainian mayor from eastern part of the country who was vocal about welcoming Putin’s invasion was kidnapped and killed.

Pfizer COVID Vax Linked to Deaths of ‘Roughly 1 in 35 People’ Among Group, OAN Host Reports: Pharma Company Apparently Releases First Batch of...

Early reports say there are "nine pages" of recorded adverse events, "1,223 reported fatalities during 3-month period."

Fully Vaccinated People Account For 9 of 10 COVID Deaths

England report demolishes last remaining argument for getting shots

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