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Oberlin College Begins Payment of $36M to Bakery That Was Smeared as Racist

Oberlin College has begun paying more than $36 million to Gibson’s Bakery after a legal dispute in which the business said the college slandered it as racist following a shoplifting incident.

Idaho University Prevented From Punishing Christian Students Who Opposed Homosexuality

A judge issued a temporary block of the university's policy.

University Unlawfully Stops Christian Students From Debating Gay Marriage

Three Christian college students have sued the University of Idaho for alleged wrongful punishment for expressing traditional views on marriage and sexual ethics on campus.

Partial Settlement Reached in Indiana School Lawsuit Over ‘Students for Life’ Club

Indiana students have been given permission to start a chapter of Students for Life of America in their school as part of a partial settlement in a suit against the school.

Students At Georgetown University Law are Demanding Space to Cry

Georgetown Law Students have demanded catered food and a dedicated crying area during a sit-in protest over the firing of professor Ilya Shapiro.

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