Speculation of Rationing as German Minister Prepares Emergency Measures Over Gas Supply

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck has declared an early warning level over Russian gas supplies that has led some to speculate the government could end up rationing gas.

Inflation Is Top Economic Concern for Americans: Gallup Poll

Americans are increasingly concerned about rising inflation, which is at its highest level in almost 40 years, according to a new Gallup poll released on March 29.

A ‘Wave of Arab Terrorism’ Leaves 11 Israelis Dead in 3 Attacks Over 8 Days

An Islamic terrorist group has claimed credit for a shooting that killed five Israelis in a Tel Aviv suburb Tuesday, in what was the third terror attack in Israel in eight days.

Fed Rate Hikes Could Cause Bankruptcies To Bloom In Private Equity Portfolios

The Federal Reserve approved the first interest rate hike in the U.S. since 2018 this month, and several more increases seem likely in the months to come.

Pro-life Groups Demand Answers After Exposing Freezer Full of Aborted Babies Body Parts at University

A group of pro-life activists have discovered human fetal remains in a freezer at the University of Washington, leading to calls for institutions involved in such research on babies to face accountability.

Nancy Pelosi Renews ‘Emergency’ Absentee Voting for Congress That’s Already Lasted Two Years

Pelosi unilaterally extended rules Monday allowing lawmakers elected to represent their constituents in Washington to instead stay home.

National Institutes of Health Deleted COVID Info at Wuhan Researcher’s Request, Emails Show

Deletion raised concerns in science circles but NIH directed reporters to more favorable coverage of the agency.

Gaetz Seeks to Strip Clearance for Intel Officials Who Called Hunter Biden’s Laptop Russian Disinformation

The Florida congressman's measure is titled "Spook Who Cried Wolf Resolution"

Ukraine Refugees Near 4 Million

A slowdown for good or a temporary lull during the storm of war?

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