Elon Musk Says SpaceX Can’t Indefinitely Fund Internet in Ukraine

Elon Musk said this week his rocket company SpaceX cannot fund its Starlink internet service in Ukraine indefinitely.

U.S. Big Pharma Partners With Chinese University Tied to Military and Espionage Efforts

American pharmaceutical firms are partnering with Chinese universities – including those with ties to Beijing’s military and espionage efforts – to produce new drugs.

U.S. Airports Hit With Cyberattacks

Over a dozen major national airports reported cyberattacks on Monday that caused public-facing websites to go offline. According to a senior official briefed on...

China ‘Convinced It Needs to Hit US With Pearl Harbor-Style Surprise Attack’ to Win War Over Taiwan

CHINA is convinced it now needs to hit America "hard and early" in a surprise Pearl Harbor-style attack to invade Taiwan, a leading expert has warned.

Apple Says It Will Issue ‘Lockdown Mode’ Option on Iphones to Protect Users From ‘Mercenary Spyware’

Company has been major advocate of privacy protections, legislation.

Apple Rolls Out New Tools to Fight ‘State-Sponsored Mercenary Spyware’

Apple unveiled new tools this week it said are designed to prevent “state-sponsored mercenary spyware” from victimizing its customers.

After the ‘Great Reset’, Here’s Klaus Schwab’s Troubling New Message That Risks Shaping Our Lives: Rachel Marsden

From his perch at the dystopian-titled “World Government Summit” in Dubai at the end of March, World Economic Forum chairman, Klaus Schwab, followed up his repeated calls for a “great reset” and a “fourth industrial revolution” with what he now describes as a “great narrative”.

Exc: Joe Biden’s CIA Director Told Congress He Terminated a Relationship With a Chinese Communist Influence Group – New Evidence Suggests This Was a...

In what may be a clear cut example of a Biden nominee lying to Congress, CIA Director Bill Burns has more to answer for.

Mystery Remains on Why Us Released Prominent Russian Hacker

The Justice Department has declined to provide a clear explanation as to why a well-known Russian hacker was released home last year amid warnings from President Joe Biden that the Kremlin may soon carry out cyberattacks against the United States. 

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