Global Shipping Company Sea-Lead Shipping Moving Some Operations From California to Jacksonville: DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announces shipping company shifting operations from backlogged California port to JAXPORT.

‘Vulnerable’ Senate Dems Propose Cutting Gas Tax

Here’s an actual headline good for some laughs: “Vulnerable Senate Dems try to run as tax-cutters.” That howler of a header appeared this week in Politico.  

Corporate America Relaxes Mask Rules, Reopens Offices as Blue States Relent on COVID-19 Mandates

Retailers await CDC mask update, struggle with fractured landscape

New York City Fires Nearly 1,500 Workers for Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine

New York Mayor Eric Adams  announced on Monday that 1,430 public-sector workers in the city were fired for failing to meet a Feb. 11 deadline to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Gasoline Prices Rise Across US Again, Experts Warn More Pain at Pump Coming

The price of gasoline has risen across the United States again as experts warn that more pain could lie ahead at the pumps for Americans.

The Biden Administration Is Preparing to Regulate Bitcoin, Citing National Security Concerns

The Biden administration is preparing to draft Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency regulations.

New Private Currency Uses Bills Filled with Real Gold

Modern currencies such as Bitcoin expect to find success in a more technological world, but a new currency known as Goldbacks might corner the post-apocalyptic currency market.

Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis Injuring Record Number of Young People. Will Shots Also Bankrupt Families?

Medical debt is the predominant cause for about 25% of consumer bankruptcies, with medical debt often triggered by "sudden adverse events — such as vaccine-induced myocarditis.

Understanding Why Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Scores Are Bad: ‘A Basic Primer’ by the Heartland Institute

What are ESG scores, and why are so many advocates of liberty deeply concerned about them?

COVID No Longer a ‘Socially Critical Disease’ in Denmark: Health Minister

EU countries to treat Omicron in less alarmist manner.

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