DIRECTV and Newsmax Reach Multi-Year Distribution Deal to Resume Programming

DIRECTV and Newsmax have reached a multi-year distribution deal, resulting in the return of Newsmax programming to DIRECTV, DIRECTV STREAM and U-verse, resolving a recent carriage dispute.

Amazon Says It Will Lay off Another 9,000 Workers

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy announced Monday that the company will be laying off another 9,000 employees, marking the second round of significant layoffs this year.

GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel Says Widespread Bank Failures Highlight Biden’s Incompetence

GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel says widespread bank failures highlight Biden's incompetence.

Woman Says FBI Took Her Life Savings Although She Was Never Charged With a Crime

Linda Martin thought she was being responsible by putting her nest egg in a safe deposit box where she wouldn’t be tempted to touch it. 

House Committee Sets Date for First Hearing Into Banking Crisis

Federal regulators will testify before the House Financial Services Committee on March 29 about the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank collapses, according to a press release. 

Janet Yellen Admits Gov’t Is Picking Winners and Losers in Bank Bailout

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen's admission that the government is picking winners and losers in the bank bailout process, particularly disadvantaging community banks, could lead to the consolidation of banking power in the hands of a few large institutions, according to critics.

Western Sanctions Protect Russian Banking System from U.S. Crisis, Says Kremlin

Russia's banking system is largely shielded from the negative effects of the U.S. crisis due to the country's limited connections with the international financial system, says Russian press secretary.

COVID Test Company Accused of Cheating U.S. Government

The co-owner of Laboratory Elite Zishan Alvi has been accused of cheating the United States government after it was reported he prepared to seek reimbursements for fraudulent PCR tests.

Israeli Banks Transferred $1 Billion Out of SVB Before Collapse

According to a report by the Times of Israel, the country’s two largest banks were able to transfer $1 billion out of Silicon Valley Bank to accounts in Israel before it was seized by the feds.

Silicon Valley Bank Bailout Is Socialism for the Rich

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) is getting a bailout.

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