Populations Dropped in 3 Chinese Counties in 2020

Census data for three counties in China’s southeast Sichuan Province revealed that the population drop during the first year of the pandemic was as high as 22 percent.

New Jersey Election Results Flip After Tabulation Error Discovered

The error affects six voting districts.

42 Texas Counties Support for Formal ‘Invasion’ Declaration

Article IV, Section 7 of the Texas Constitution authorizes the governor to “call forth the militia to execute the laws of the state, to suppress insurrections, and to repel invasions.”

1% Of Counties Responsible for Almost Half of United States’ Murders

The Crime Prevention Research Center released a study revealing that only 30 U.S. counties account for 42% of the nation's murders in 2020.

California Gets More Wind, Rain and Snow From Heavy Storm

Storm-battered California got more wind, rain and snow on Saturday, raising flooding concerns, causing power outages and making travel dangerous.

Ignore the Woke Panic About the English Language

Almost a decade back, a group of buddies and I were watching a newish Robin Hood movie, and a young mentee asked why British authorities were hanging a Caucasian bandit: “He’s white — that ain’t realistic.”

Few Schools Returning to Mask Mandates as COVID Cases Increase

At least five school districts, most in the northeast of the country, have reinstated mask requirements for students amid an uptick in COVID-19 infections, and two requested that students be tested for the virus before returning to school from winter break.

Biden Declares State of Emergency in California Amid Severe Weather

Federal Emergency Management Agency authorized to coordinate disaster relief efforts due to winter storms, floods, and mudslides.

‘Human Error’ Caused Hundreds of Wrong Ballots in Nashville

Nashville election officials make errors leading hundreds to cast wrong ballots in November 2020 election.

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