California Church to Baptize 30,000 People Sunday

A Southern California church is leading a movement, "Baptize California," to baptize 30,000 people on Sunday.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom Proposes Cutting 10,000 Vacant State Jobs to Close State Deficit

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) announced a proposal to cut thousands of vacant state jobs and funding to more than 200 state programs in order to close the state’s $27.6 billion deficit.

Trump Vows to Use Military to Deport Illegals

Former President Donald Trump promised to use military personnel to deport millions of illegal migrants if he's elected again.

California Population Rebounds, Sparking Debate Over Immigration Impact

California's population has rebounded with a net gain of 67,000 residents last year, marking its first increase since 2020, state authorities announced on Tuesday. The...

Tennessee Gov. Signs ‘Baby Olivia Act’ Requiring Schools to Show Students Video of Unborn Baby Developing in Utero

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed the ‘Baby Olivia Act’ into law, requiring public schools to show school children a “high-quality, computer-generated animation or high-definition ultrasound” of unborn babies as they develop in the womb.

Transgender-Identifying California Mayor Faces Recall

The mayor of Calexico, California, is facing a recall.

California’s $24 Billion Homelessness Efforts Lacked Tracking, Audit Reveals

California spent $24 billion over the past five years to combat homelessness without consistently tracking whether the massive expenditure improved the situation, a state...

Another Recall Petition Against Newsom Approved for Signatures

A new recall petition against California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) has been approved for signature collection.

RNC Sues Nevada Secretary of State Over Election Integrity

The Republican National Committee (RNC) and the Nevada GOP have sued the Nevada Secretary of State, alleging that the state has "impossibly high" voter registration rolls.

California Parents Gather to Protest Children’s Gender Transitions, Indoctrination

Hundreds of California parents gathered last weekend in Los Angeles to stand against the infringement of parental rights as children undergo secret gender transitions in public schools.

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