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China bans binge-eating videos as part of new law prohibiting food waste

Chinese lawmakers have enacted legislation that will allow authorities to crack down on various kinds of food waste, including videos of binge eating, in an effort to conserve resources and promote responsible consumption.

Google, Soros, & Gates-Fund Media Outlet ‘Project Syndicate’ Publishes Op-Eds For China’s State Media

Project Syndicate – a media outlet that counts funding and written contribution from George Soros, Bill Gates, the United Nations, and Google – is engaged in “media partnership” deals with several Chinese state-run media outlets, The National Pulse can today reveal.

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Met With Chinese Communist Party Think-Tank Linked To “Favorable Coverage” Junkets

CNN Host Fareed Zakaria met with officials from a Chinese Communist Party-run think tank linked to the regime’s efforts to procure “favorable coverage” from Western media outlets, The National Pulse can reveal.

Anti-Trump Impeachment Witness Meeting With Chinese Communist Party Think Tank

Anti-Trump impeachment witness Noah Feldman met with a Chinese Communist Party think tank, The National Pulse can reveal.

“We Need China” – Biden’s Presumptive Ambassador Worked at a CCP-Linked Consulting Firm, And A Harvard Group Advising China’s Military.

President Biden’s presumptive Ambassador to China – Nick Burns – is a former adviser to a consulting firm employing Chinese Communist Party officials, a board member of a Harvard University program collaborating with China’s military, and a contributor to Chinese state-run media outlets.

Despite Pandemic, Beijing Continues to Persecute Falun Gong Practitioners, Leaked Document Shows

Even while trying to contain the pandemic in China, the communist regime continued to persecute adherents of spiritual group Falun Gong, a leaked internal document from 2020 shows.

Biden’s Deputy Energy Sec Spoke For Chinese Communist Party

President Biden’s Deputy Secretary of Energy David Turk spoke at a Chinese Communist Party-sponsored energy conference and gave an exclusive interview to a state-run media outlet where he praised the communist country’s efforts in energy development.

Religious Freedom Commissioners ‘Flattered’ by China’s Sanctions

The leaders of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) said Sunday they are “flattered” to be on the list of those the...

Several New York Times Staff Previously Worked For CCP-Controlled Media

Several current New York Times staffers were previously employed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-controlled English-language newspaper China Daily, which has in recent years paid U.S. media millions of dollars to publish its state-approved content.

Second Vaccination Site Halts Operations After Adverse Reactions

A vaccination site in Wake County, North Carolina, paused operations on Thursday after 18 adverse reactions to the Johnson & Johnson CCP virus vaccine were reported, officials said.

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