Senators Detail Border Chaos as Title 42 Expires

Republican Senators described the looming chaos at the southern border as Title 42 is set to expire.

“We’ve seen a record 5 million illegal crossings at the border under President [Joe] Biden,” said Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer (R).

“There have been another 1.4 million known gotaways under President Biden,” Fischer continued.

“We have 85,000 unaccompanied children; they cross the border and now they are missing. “That is a crisis. That is chaos. That is not irregular migration,” the senator added.

Reporting from The Daily Signal:

“Joe Biden has decided that it is best to cede completely control of our southern border to cartels, multibillion criminal organizations that work in partnership with the Chinese Communist Party to plug fentanyl into our country to kill our youth,” [Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN)] Hagerty said. “In fact, the No. 1 killer today of Americans between 18 [and] 45 is overdose, most of it fentanyl coming over the border. This is the next chapter in Joe Biden’s America.”


“Joe Biden has decided he wants an open border where anybody can come across the border and you are just flown anywhere you want in this country,” Sen. Rick Scott, (R-FL)] Scott said. “This is despicable, what he is doing to American citizens. We are losing people daily to fentanyl, to crime; this is wrong.”