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Hasbro mandating “critical race theory” for all employees, claims white kids are privileged and inherently racist

Hasbro, a popular toy manufacturer, is mandating all its employees to accept “critical race theory” and apply it throughout the company. The company’s new training manual suggests that white kids are privileged, biased and inherently racist.

LEGO Embraces Drag Queen Marketing

Danish toymaker partners with activist group that targets children.

Yes, this is a children’s book about abortion

So this is about the stupidest thing I've seen all week and I can't believe someone thought this could even be a real idea.

Nickelodeon’s Ratings Drop as the Network Pushes LGBT Content to Children

According to a new report, Nickelodeon is seeing a dramatic drop in viewership as the network continues to push LGBTQ related content on its programming.

Ratings plunge dramatically as kids’ TV network goes gay

Airing videos championing 'trans,' 'queer,' and 'pansexual' inclusion

Family-Centric Fantasy ‘The Wingfeather Saga’ Crowdfunds Record $5 Million, Heads Into Production

Musician and author Andrew Peterson leads DreamWorks alums and Angel Studios to produce 'The Wingfeather Saga' as an animated action-adventure TV series.

President Biden Recognizes Pride Month; So Does Children’s Entertainment

President Joe Biden declared on Tuesday, June 1, 2021, that the month of June would be recognized as Pride Month. The tradition was halted during former President Trump’s administration, and observed during all of former President Obama’s presidency.

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