Hasbro mandating “critical race theory” for all employees, claims white kids are privileged and inherently racist

Hasbro, a popular toy manufacturer, is mandating all its employees to accept “critical race theory” and apply it throughout the company. The company’s new training manual suggests that white kids are privileged, biased and inherently racist. The material demeans “white kids” and judges them on the color of their skin, imparting racist guilt on children as young as three and four years old.

A Hasbro whistleblower named David Johnson sat down with James O’Keefe of Project Veritas to speak about the company’s racist training propaganda. He said the training is intended to influence employee behavior, to promote “racial equity” in marketing messages, packaging and toy manufacturing.

Hasbro whistleblower unveils critical race theory indoctrination of all employees

The whistleblower reveals that Hasbro is using a critical race theory curriculum developed by “Conscious Kids.” This Marxist organization claims to be an “education, research, and policy organization dedicated to equity and promoting healthy racial identity development in youth.” A closer inspection of the material shows that “Conscious Kids” is stereotyping children with white skin, forcing them to feel shame for their heritage. The material profiles children based on the color of their skin and accuses white children of inherent racism. The material is blatantly racist itself and psychologically abusive toward children. “Conscious Kids” says their mission is to “support organizations, families and educators in taking action to disrupt racism in kids.” Hasbro turns out to be one of the organizations promoting this Marxist, race-baiting propaganda.

Johnson said he was forced to take part in the new training exercise, where the “Conscious Kids” co-founders, Katie Ishizuka and Ramón Stephens, lectured Hasbro employees about infants’ inherent racism and how white privilege is pervasive in toddlers.

“I decided to come to Project Veritas because I oppose the indoctrination of children that they wanted to push, and I felt that more people needed to know about it,” Johnson said. “They want to introduce children into racial bias at an early age before they’re really able to understand what race and racism is.”

Johnson got some of the training on film. In one clip, a Conscious Kid co-founder, Katie Ishizuka, explained that children under five are prone to racist behavior and must be re-educated. “By three to six months, babies are beginning to notice and already express preference by race,” Ishizuka said. She instructed Hasbro employees to pay attention to “babies as young as two” who are “already using race to reason about people’s behaviors.” She said kids start to racially exclude playmates at daycare and on the playground, selecting friends based on race. Ishizuka warned that three-year-olds are inherently using stereotypes and often use “racist language intentionally at this age.”

She was especially concerned with “white children at this age” who “report explicit or overt negative attitudes towards people of color.” She concludes that white kids show a strong and consistent “pro-white, anti-black bias” by the age of four.

Johnson commented on the recording: “It’s absurd to just state as fact that at two years old, children are going to be racist and using race to reason about who they’re going to play with.”