Biden Admin Gives Another $200 Million Weapons Package for Ukraine

Package "includes air defense munitions, artillery rounds, anti-armor capabilities, and additional mine-clearing equipment."

Dr. Robert Malone Says COVID-19 Vaccines Are Government Depopulation Scheme

During the 2023 White Coat Summit, Dr. Robert Malone expressed his belief that the mRNA vaccines were created by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as a depopulation tool.

China Is ‘Rewriting the Bible’ to ‘Sinicize’ Religion: Rep. Gallagher

"The PRC rulers are doomed to lose," says Gallagher.

U.S. Imports from Russia More than Double Despite Biden’s Tough Talk

"Responsible nations have to come together to hold these perpetrators accountable," Biden told a Washington crowd in April 2022. "We will keep raising the economic cost and ratchet up the pain for Putin and further increase Russia's economic isolation."

Philadelphia Mass Shooter Identified as Transgender BLM Supporter

Carriker's Facebook activity reveals evidence of his activism and gender identity.

Majority Doubt Biden’s Capacity for Another Term, Favor Trump on Mental Sharpness and Economy: ABC Poll

A new poll delivers a blow to Joe Biden, as it reveals that a majority of Americans doubt his capacity to serve another term in office.

U.S. To Send Another Military Package to Ukraine

"The Biden-Harris Administration will announce a new security assistance package for Ukraine as part of our ongoing efforts to help Ukraine defend itself against Russia's brutal invasion," said White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

Rand Paul Staffer Stabbed Multiple Times, Suspect Released From Prison One Day Before Attack

A staff member of Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was stabbed with a knife in broad daylight over the weekend in Washington, D.C.

Man Waits 3 Years for Dream EV – Days After Getting It, He’s Hit With Brutal News and $2,100 Bill

Of all the non-Tesla electric vehicle startups that have emerged over the past decade, few have garnered as much attention — or burned through as much investor cash — as Rivian, a maker of high-performance EV trucks.

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