Pfizer Booster Listed As Cause of Death in 26-Year-Old’s Autopsy, Death Certificate After Work-Mandated Jab

'You would think the death of a child from a reaction to a COVID vaccine that’s documented on the death certificate and autopsy, the CDC would have reached out to us immediately.'

Pfizer CEO Admits ‘Two Doses of Vaccine Offer Very Limited Protection If Any’

Just a few days after CDC Director Rochelle Walensky admitted that COVID vaccines cannot protect against the transmission and spread of COVID, while also acknowledging that nearly half of all COVID-positive hospital patients were admitted for reasons other than COVID, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla is now claiming that two doses of his company’s vaccine “offers very limited protection, if any” – but that, somehow, three doses is the magic number to protect against serious illness.

Nearly 75% of U.K. COVID Deaths Were Vaxxed: Govt. Data

Shots don’t fully protect from infection or transmission and has horrible side effects

AOC Tests Positive for COVID Shortly After Being Spotted Maskless in Miami

She received her booster and is experiencing symptoms.

Biden Touts Vax for Children, Yet Only 0.00%-0.02% of Child COVID Cases Are Fatal

President Joe Biden is continuing to push mass vaccination for children, despite the fact that 0.00-0.02 percent of child coronavirus cases result in death.

NCAA COVID Guidelines Now Equate Natural Immunity with Fully Vaxxed

The NCAA released updates guidelines on Thursday that recognize natural immunity from previous COVID infection as equivalent to being "fully vaccinated.

Whoopi Goldberg Triple Vaxxed and COVID Positive

The View host Whoopi Goldberg surprised by catching COVID-19 despite the fact that she had been triple vaccinated.

Trump’s Vax Support May Cost Him Victory in 2024: Opinion

Former supporters of Donald Trump who are virulently anti-vax are furious at the ex-president’s stance, and are vowing to support rival Republicans in the race to be the party’s candidate in two years’ time.

U.S. Supreme Court to Weigh Biden COVID Vax Mandates on Friday

U.S. Supreme Court prepares to decide whether to block Joe Biden's Covid-19 vaccine mandates for large businesses and healthcare workers.

FDA Green Lights Pfizer ‘Booster’ Injections For Kids Age 12-15

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted emergency authorization for Pfizer “booster” injections in young children ages 12-15.

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