COVID Rates Surging in World’s Most Vaxxed Region: South America

Covid-19 vaccine is ineffective to curb infection rates in South America.

4th Vax Shot ‘Not Good Enough’ To Protect Against Omicron: Israeli Researcher

Fourth dose is “not good enough” to completely protect against an infection from the omicron variant, Prof. Gili Regev-Yochay, the director of Sheba Medical Center’s infectious disease unit and a lead researcher on the study, told reporters.

Repeat Boosters Could Weaken Immune System: European Regulators

Regulators for the European Union have issued a warning that frequent COVID-19 booster shots could have an adverse affect on the immune system, and may not be a feasible means of combating the pandemic. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) reported that having repeat booster shots every four months could weaken the human immune system.

‘Waste of Time’ to Keep Vaccinating People: Ex-Head of UK Vaccine Taskforce

It is a “waste of time” to keep vaccinating people against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, the former chairman of Britain’s Vaccines Taskforce has said.

Trump Celebrates Supreme Court Dismissal of Biden Business Vax Mandate

Donald Trump issued a statement in support of the Supreme Courts’ decision to shut down Biden’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

DeSantis Regrets Not Speaking Out ‘Much Louder’ Against Trump’s Lockdown Policy, Dismisses ‘Animosity’ Between Them

"You cannot fall for the bait. You know what they’re trying to do, so just don’t take it."

‘We Will Likely See an Alarming Increase in Several Major Neurodegenerative Diseases’ Caused by COVID Vax: MIT Research Scientist

Covid-19 vaccines "have been rushed to market with grossly inadequate evaluation and aggressively promoted to an uninformed public, with the potential for huge, irreversible, negative consequences."

EU Regulators, WHO Call for End to COVID Boosters, Citing Evidence Strategy Is Failing

EU drug regulators, World Health Organization experts and the former chairman of the UK’s COVID task force all cited mounting evidence mRNA COVID boosters aren’t working and the strategy should be dropped.

Moderna Expects Child Vax Data by March as More Parents Reject Jabbing Their Kids

Moderna to report Covid-19 vaccine data for kids ages 2-5 by March, but parents aren't letting their kids take the shot.

European Medicines Agency Warns Endless Booster Shots Could Cause “Immune Response” Problems

“We should be careful in not overloading the immune system.”

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