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RFK Jr. Supports Reparations to ‘Rebuild Black Infrastructure’

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appeared to support reparations on his campaign website.

Video Shows Young White Students Forced to Kneel, Pledge to BLM

One student was punched in the head.

Schools To Host ‘Black Lives Matter’ Event Teaching Students About ‘Trans Affirmation,’ ‘Restorative Justice’

Schools across the country are celebrating national “Black Lives Matter at School” week which teaches students about “restorative justice,” “globalism” and to be “trans-affirming,” according to the curriculum.

Schools Confronting Devastating Learning Losses as Students Head Back to the Classroom

Students are reaping the consequences of COVID shutdowns as schools return to the classroom this fall.

White House to Extend Student Loan Pause Through August

The Biden administration plans to freeze federal student loan payments through Aug. 31, extending a moratorium that has allowed millions of Americans to postpone payments during the coronavirus pandemic, according to an administration official familiar with the White House’s decision-making.

Schools Nationwide Implementing ‘BLM at School Week of Action’

Schools across the United States are hosting the 'Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action' over the next few days.

More than 11% of US households are home-schooling: Report

More than 11% of households in the United States are home-schooling rather than sending students to public or private institutions, according to census data.

Why Black Families Are Angry At Urban Public Education | Larry Elder

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