Schools Nationwide Implementing ‘BLM at School Week of Action’

Schools across the United States are hosting the ‘Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action’ over the next few days.

  • All throughout the country this week, several public schools have brought the controversial curriculum of BLM to the classroom, including a starter kit that includes “national demands” that should be mandated to teach, Fox News reported.
  • The week of action, which began Monday, is centered around 13 “Black Lives Matter Guiding Principles,” including concepts such as Globalism and a commitment to restorative justice.
  • Also included in the curriculum are concepts such as “everybody gets to choose their own gender” and “creating space for black families that is free from patriarchal practices.”
  • Black Lives Matter at School has also included kid-friendly versions designed for students as young as kindergarten.
  • “Black Villages is the disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics and a return to the ‘collective village’ that takes care of each other,” the starter kit said.

“Most rational thinkers agree that public schools should not be home to political activism, from any side of the political divide, but public schools across America, from Boston to Seattle, have opened their doors for activist teachings from the divisive Black Lives Matter political organization,” said Asra Nomani, vice president of investigations for Parents Defending Education.

  • The news also sparked responses amongst Twitter users, many expressing outrage and anger towards the event.
  • “Parents and Guardians – What is your little one learning? Get involved. Be firm and say enough and no more. #StopTheIndoctrination,” one user said.
  • “They are no longer even bothering to hide it: in particular, communism requires the deconstructing of the nuclear family and allegiance to the state (or, in this case, BLM), and other actions that are antithetical to Judeo-Christian American principles,” another user tweeted.
  • According to one school participating, Centennial Elementary School, the intent of school leaders is “not to teach children what to think,” but “rather to expose them to different perspectives and opinions so that they learn to value and respect diversity.” 
  • Centennial Elementary, located in Denver, Colorado, is hosting a Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action for kindergarteners and first graders.