French Homes Spray Painted With Stars of David

An estimated 60 Stars of David were stenciled and spray painted on homes in France.

Chicago Begins Handing Out Reparations Payments to Black Residents

Residents in Evanston, Illinois, are now the first in the United States to receive reparations payments.

RFK Jr. Accuses Biden Admin of Using Ukraine as ‘Cannon Fodder’ in Proxy War Against Russia

"The pattern here is clear," said Kennedy. "Not only is the administration deceiving the American people about the motives for this costly and tragic war, but by continually escalating it they put the whole world at risk of nuclear conflagration."

AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine ‘Quietly Discontinued’ In Australia

The AstraZeneca Covid vaccine, linked to a serious side-effect, has been discontinued for use in Australia.

U.S. ‘Strongly Urges’ Compromise As Protests Grow Across Israel

The United States has urged Israel to come to a compromise as soon as possible after protests continue to spread across the nation.

Democrats Outraged McCarthy Sent Jan 6 Footage to Tucker Carlson

Democrats have voiced concern over House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's recent decision to reveal hidden January 6 footage to television host Tucker Carlson.

Government Will Seek to Delay MAID Expansion as Quickly as Possible in New Session, Says Justice Minister

The federal government will introduce legislation aimed at delaying the eligibility expansion for medical assistance in dying (MAID) “as quickly as possible,” says Justice Minister David Lametti.

Strange New Organ Transplant Methods Raise Urgent Questions

If you or a loved one has needed an organ transplant, you know the problem firsthand: There are not enough organs for those who need them and there is a long waiting period.

Illinois’ Democrat Governor Blinks, Suggests New Cashless Bail Law Might Need Changes Amid Outcry

Gov. J.B. Pritzker has suggested that changes to the state's controversial SAFE-T Act could be needed to better inform the public. Among other things, the...

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