Will Someone Please Do a Twitter to Disney?

It’s both a joyous and sad experience to watch the denouement of an iconic American brand at the hands of the talentless Woke.

Disney’s First Openly Gay Teen Romance Flops At the Box Office

Woke Disney just suffered another loss. The new Disney animated movie, “Strange World,” opened to a disappointing $4.2 million on Wednesday and is expected to...

Disney CEO Bob Chapek Denies Company Is ‘Too Woke’: ‘The World Is a Rich, Diverse Place’

Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Chapek has pushed back on the claim that the company has become “too woke” following its whole-hearted embrace of radical transgender ideology and LGBTQ activism.

Tim Allen Trolls ‘Wokees,’ Asks the Question Everyone Is Wondering About This Group

Tim Allen trolled those he labeled “wokees” as he asked the question that has most likely been on everyone’s mind: “Who is the face of woke?”

Disney Hires Top Drag Queen for Its New Superhero Show

At least one future Disney “princess” may actually be a man.

Disney’s FXX Releases ‘Little Demon’ Cartoon Featuring 13-Year-Old Child of Satan Pushed as Antichrist

The series aired on FX and features a star-studded cast of vocal actors.

Popular Athiest Admits He’d Ignore Hunter Biden Having ‘Corpses of Children in His Basement’ to Keep Trump from Winning

Author and podcast host Sam Harris said the “quiet part” out loud during a recent appearance on the Triggernometry podcast, comparing former President Donald Trump to an asteroid headed for Earth and admitting that he would have excused Hunter Biden for having the “corpses of children in his basement” to keep Trump from the White House.

Entertainment Companies Dumping Woke Content as Viewership Tumbles

They'll never admit to it openly, but getting woke makes companies broke.

It’s ‘Not Moral’ to Request Abstinence to Stop Monkeypox: LGBT Activists

New CDC data confirms that monkeypox overwhelmingly occurs in men who identify as gay or bisexual and who engage in risky sexual behavior—yet LGBT activists have said it is “not moral” to ask men to refrain from sex until the government can get the virus corralled.

CCP Issues Location, Temperature-Monitoring Bracelets to Beijing Residents Returning From Other Cities

Beijing residents returning to the city from other places are being issued electronic bracelets that monitor body temperature and track location data.

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