House Ways and Means Committee Collects Trump’s Federal Tax Returns

The House Ways and Means Committee received six years of Trump's federal tax returns.

Real Estate Firm Owned by Chinese Billionaire Found Guilty of Paying $1M in Bribes to LA Councilman

The bribes were for approval of the redevelopment of a 77-story skyscraper in downtown Los Angeles.

GOP Believes Trump Will Be Indicted Following Midterms

Republicans believe Trump will be indicted between two to three months after the midterm elections due to Democratic pressure against Attorney General Merrick Garland.

House Democratic Aide Fired After Reportedly Working on Behalf of ‘Friends’ at Chinese Embassy

Longtime staffer allegedly tried to arrange meetings with Chinese officials.

High School Football Coach Who Lost Job for Praying After Games to Be Reinstated

Joseph Kennedy, the high school football coach who lost his job in 2015 for praying on the field after games, will be reinstated by March 15, 2023, reports the Kitsap Sun.

Members of Congress Made Thousands From Campaign Donations Associated With China’s Huawei

46 congressional members have made more than $35,000 from Huawei lobbyists.

Democrats Ready for Midterm Blame Game

Three weeks out from a midterm election that is beginning to look more and more like a big victory for Republicans, Democrats are starting to play the blame game.

Harvey Weinstein Claims He Had Consensual Affair with Future California First Lady

Jennifer Siebel asked Weinstein for advice regarding her future husband, Gavin Newsom.

Migrant Crisis Is Destroying New York City: Mayor Eric Adams Top Aid

Newly released audio from New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ aide shows the operative admitting that the migrant crisis is destroying the city, and doubting the mayor’s capability to handle the crisis.

‘This is Inappropriate Behavior’: ‘Creepy’ Joe Biden Caught on Video Touching Girl, Giving Her Dating Advice

A new video of President Joe Biden touching a girl has surfaced. President Biden has made a habit throughout his political career of placing his hands...

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