2020 Presidential Election

Georgia Officials Launch Investigation Into Illegal Ballot Harvesting

Georgia officials have launched an investigation into Democratic ballot harvesting during the 2020 presidential election and subsequent U.S. Senate runoff, according to a report by Just The News.

‘Worse than the Civil war’: how fixation on Capitol riot makes America ignore its other major problem

Disparate reactions to left-wing protesters at the DOI versus the ones at the US Capitol show how biased the mainstream media truly is.

GETTR Shadow Bans Reporter Who Queried Ban of America First Streamer, Has ‘Nothing More to Say’

Elijah Schaffer, the Blaze reporter who queried the GETTR ban of America First streamer Nick Fuentes has been shadowbanned on the platform.

Trump Responds to Biden Jan. 6 Criticism

Former President Donald Trump fired back at President Joe Biden Thursday morning after Biden blamed him for the events of Jan. 6.

J6 Hysteria Is How Media And Other Democrats Are Avoiding Accountability For Their Rigging Of The 2020 Election

The 2020 presidential election was unlike any in American history.

Trump Explains Why He Cancelled His Jan 6 Press Conference at Mar-a-Lago: ‘Total Bias & Dishonesty’

President Trump announces why he will not be presenting tomorrow on the anniversary of January 6th in an official statement.

If You See These Symbols Show Up on Your Phone, Someone Is Watching

The ominous specter of Big Tech surveillance of private citizens grows more threatening by the day.

One-Third of Americans Believe Biden’s 2020 Election Was Illegitimate

New University of Massachusetts Amherst poll shows 33% of U.S. voters do not recognize Joe Biden's 2020 presidential election victory, only 58% saying Biden won fair and square.

Man Who Told Biden ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Says 2020 Presidential Election Was ‘100% Stolen’

The dad who trolled President Joe Biden by saying “Let’s Go Brandon” on Christmas Eve told Steve Bannon that he believes the current president is in office illegally and explained his reasoning for the prank.

Trump Holding Press Conference on Jan 6 Anniversary to Discuss Election Fraud & Fake Republicans

"In many ways a RINO is worse than a Radical Left Democrat, because you don't know where they are coming from and you have no idea how bad they really are for our Country," Trump said in a statement.

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