Teamsters Union PAC Makes Surprising $45,000 Donation to Republican National Committee Convention Fund, Reports Show

The political action committee of the Teamsters Union reportedly allocated $45,000 to the convention fund of the Republican National Committee in January, as per filings with the Federal Election Commission. However, an RNC official informed NBC News that they had not received any such contribution.

While the bulk of the Teamsters PAC’s donations traditionally lean towards Democratic recipients, the $45,000 donation marks a departure, signifying the first substantial contribution to the RNC in recent memory. Notably, these funds are explicitly designated for the party’s convention expenses.

According to FEC records, the donation to the RNC was processed on Jan. 25. Days following the transaction, former President Trump engaged in discussions with representatives from the Teamsters Union. Earlier in January, Trump had a meeting with Sean M. O’Brien, the General President of the Teamsters, as noted on the union’s official platform.

Despite outreach attempts by NBC News, the Trump campaign refrained from offering commentary on the matter. The initial report on the donation was first published by The Washington Post.

In the 2020 presidential election, the union threw its support behind President Joe Biden. However, it has yet to formally endorse a candidate for the upcoming 2024 race.

President Biden has positioned himself as an advocate for labor unions, touting his administration as the most pro-union in American history. He has already garnered the endorsement of the United Auto Workers union and notably made headlines last year for his solidarity visit to striking autoworkers in Michigan.

In December, the Teamsters PAC dispersed $45,000 contributions to various Democratic entities, including the DNC’s legal and building funds, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s legal fund, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s legal fund.

Records indicate that the last notable contribution from the Teamsters PAC to the RNC dates back to 2004, totaling $15,000, according to FEC disclosures.

Convention expenses are typically financed through convention accounts managed by national party committees. While host state and city governments, as well as select businesses and organizations, may offer supplementary services, the bulk of funding is sourced from these accounts, according to information provided by the FEC.

The Republican National Convention is scheduled to convene in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, later this summer.