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Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein were ‘partners in crime’: prosecutors

Ghislaine Maxwell and powerful pedophile Jeffrey Epstein were “partners in crime” and she was an “essential” part of his scheme to prey on underage girls, prosecutors charged Monday, the first day of the accused madam’s hotly anticipated trial.

Peru Has High Vax Rate & ‘Highest COVID Death Rate’: NPR

Despite having more than 51% of its population "fully" vaccinated, Peru's death toll from COVID is now "the worst in the world, far higher...

Meet David Hancock: Ex-Navy SEAL Accused of Controlling Kyle Rittenhouse’s Finances, Contact With Lawyers

Robert Barnes claims Hancock essentially "hijacked and kidnapped" the family, others believe Rittenhouse is being manipulated

Gas Prices Are Rising. Who Did That?

Slapped on a gas pump next to the digital meter display, the stickers tell a simple, powerful story: Today’s gasoline prices, the highest in years, are courtesy of the commander in chief.

Two Christian Hostages Released in Haiti

Two of the 17 American and Canadian Christian missionaries kidnapped in Haiti last month have been released, according to the organization that organized their...

‘Milestone moment’: Republicans officially overtake Democrats in Florida

TALLAHASSEE — Florida is now officially a red state.

We Warned Dems About Kamala

Democratic leaders should have paid more attention to the volumes of evidence that Kamala Harris isn’t even up to the empty role of vice president.

Taiwan Suspends 2nd Dose Pfizer COVID Vax in Ages 12-17 for Heart Complications

Taiwan's health minister Chen Shih-Chung said the country is suspending administering second doses of Pfizer-BioNTech's Covid-19 vaccine to children aged 12-17 amid concerns that...

In Huge Blow to DC Attorney General, Judge Dismisses Portion of Inauguration Lawsuit Against Trump Org

A superior court judge on Monday dismissed a portion of a 2017 inauguration lawsuit against the Trump Organization.

‘Profits over people’: Travis Scott & Drake accused of incitement in Astroworld Festival tragedy lawsuit

The first lawsuits have been filed following the Astroworld Festival performance by rapper Travis Scott, in which eight people died. Scott and fellow rapper Drake have been accused of negligence and helping cause the stampede.

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