Successful Destruction of U.S.’ Declared Chemical Weapons Stockpile

"Since ratifying the Chemical Weapons Convention in 1997, through last Friday, the United States destroyed over 30,000 metric tons of declared chemical agent contained in nearly three and a half million chemical munitions, over 22,500,110, one-ton containers containing chemical agent, and over 55,500 bottles and containers containing chemical agent," said Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Kingston Reif.

Gov. DeSantis Diverted Federal COVID Relief Funds to Benefit Political Donor’s Development Project: WaPo

Regional transportation consultant says the interchange was chosen for funding not because of any political influence, but because it was "the only interchange in Volusia that design was ready."

Ukrainian Military Plan to Sabotage Nord Stream Pipeline Shared with CIA, Implicating Ukraine in Attack: Washington Post Investigation

Three months prior to the sabotage of the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline, the CIA was privy to detailed intelligence suggesting a Ukrainian plot to attack the key infrastructure.

Trump’s Truth Social Files Lawsuit Against The Washington Post

Former President Trump's "Truth Social" has filed a $3.78 billion defamation lawsuit against newspaper The Washington Post.

Truth Social Sues Washington Post for $3.78 Billion

The Trump Media and Technology Group, owners of Truth Social, has filed a lawsuit against the Washington Post over defamation and libel.

Is Mainstream Media Covering Up Biden Family Influence Peddling Revelations with Santos’ Arrest Story?

We can only speculate as to why establishment media made the editorial decision to prioritize the Santos arrest story over the Biden family revelations.

Texeira Charged with Retention of Defense Information, Willful Control of Classified Documents: WaPo

As the proceedings concluded, Teixeira's father called out, "Love you, Jack!"

Biden White House Launches $5 Billion Program to Accelerate Development of New COVID-19 Vaccine

President Joe Biden signed a bill ending the COVID-19 national emergency in the US, but his administration launched a $5 billion program named Project Next Gen that aims to expedite the development of new COVID-19 vaccines and treatments, sparking concerns over government overreach and individual liberties, despite recent research indicating natural immunity may provide superior protection.

Biden Signs Bill Ending COVID-19 National Emergency

"On Monday, April 10, 2023, the President signed into law: H.J.Res. 7, which terminates the national emergency related to the COVID-19 pandemic," the White House announcement reads.

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