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AOC’s New York District Called ‘Third World’ Amid Migrant Flea Markets

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) district is now reportedly overtaken with migrant flea markets and prostitutes.... Read more.
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Democrat Consultant to Die By Assisted Suicide Thursday

Longtime Democrat consultant Hal Malchow will reportedly end his life through assisted suicide in Switzerland on Thursday.... Read more.
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California Lawmaker Aims to Ban Doritos And Hot Cheetos From Schools

Democratic California legislator Jesse Gabriel, who introduced a law banning the chemicals found in Skittles candy, is now pushing to ban certain food dyes in s... Read more.
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Vladimir Putin Wins Russian Elections in Landslide Victory

President Vladimir Putin won in a record landslide in Russia's election over the weekend.... Read more.
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Democrat Tennessee Senator Calls For Riots After Republican Lawmakers Pass Pro-Police Legislation

A Tennessee Democratic state senator called for riots over the weekend after the Republican-controlled state Senate passed legislation preventing cities from ... Read more.
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New Report Criticizes Government’s Handling of COVID

A new report has criticized the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, citing that lockdowns, school closures and vaccine mandates were "catastro... Read more.