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This July 4th, Let’s Commit to Restoring the American Dream

There are many challenges facing our country this July 4th and I want to make sure the American Dream is available for generations to...

Nancy Pelosi Appears To Elbow Mayra Flores’ Daughter During Swearing-In Ceremony

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared to elbow the daughter of newly-elected Congresswoman Mayra Flores (R-TX) during her swearing-in ceremony last Tuesday.

‘You Can’t Get a Tattoo if You’re 12’: DeSantis Supports Ban on Child Sex-Change Operations

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said he would support banning child sex-change operations in Florida in a Monday podcast interview on “The Truth With Lisa Boothe.”

Exc: Hunter Biden Firm Invested in vr ‘Metaverse’ Used by Child Sex Groomers… and His Laptop Shows He Had an Account.


At Least 6 People Killed in Sacramento Mass Shooting

At least six people were shot dead and ten others injured in a mass shooting in downtown Sacramento on Sunday, according to local police.

Watch: Desantis Torches Disney Over Opposition to Law Banning Sexual Ideology Being Forced on Young Children

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis slammed Disney during a Fox News interview on Tuesday night over their opposition to a bill that was signed into law that is intended to return power to parents to determine when and how their children should learn about sexual topics.

‘We Are Just Guinea Pigs’: Women Describe Trauma of Transitioning as Teenagers

The number of teenagers identifying as transgender has exploded. Advocates say it protects young people from marginalization.

New Virginia AG Jason Miyares Launches Investigations into Public Schools, Parole Board

Virginia’s new Attorney General Jason Miyares (R) wasted no time Saturday, launching immediate investigations into the Virginia Parole Board and Loudoun County Public Schools.

Biblical Archaeology’s Top 10 Discoveries of 2021

Evidence of Herod’s green thumb, Roman crucifixion methods, and Philistine bananas add to our understanding of the world of the Bible.

Mother says ‘strong-minded and fearless’ daughter, 7, suspended 36 times from school for not wearing a mask may have to repeat second grade

A Florida girl may have to repeat second grade after she was suspended 36 times for not complying with the school district's mask mandate.

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