Study Links Wearing Face Masks to Pregnancy Complications

Masks create a "dead space" trapping carbon dioxide, posing health risks.

Biden Establishes Office of ‘Environmental Justice’ Amid Rising ‘Climate Change’ Skepticism

The Biden admin's latest pro-environment move comes despite two recent surveys indicating that climate change skepticism is on the rise worldwide.

Biden Pledges $1 Billion for ‘Climate Change’

Most batteries used in EVs come from China.

Treasury Secretary Admits Sanctions Against Russia ‘Could Undermine’ U.S. Dollar (Video)

"There is risk when we use financial sanctions that are linked to the role of the dollar that over time it could undermine the hegemony of the dollar," Yellen said, adding that implementing sanctions against Russia "does create a desire on the part of China, of Russia, of Iran to find an alternative."

WEF-Partnered BlackRock Passes $9 Trillion in Assets Under Management

Net inflows of financial asset manager with ownership in virtually every major corporation totaled $110 billion in first quarter.

Brazil’s President Joins Worldwide Attack on U.S. Dollar

"Who decided that the dollar was the (trade) currency after the end of gold parity?" asked President Lula.

Biden Admin Pressing All Nations to Give Sovereignty to WHO

The right to declare an emergency would entirely belong to the World Health Organization.

Tesla Developing New Shanghai Plant

Tesla is developing a new plant in Shanghai, China, to manufacture the company's Megapack battery.

Federal Judge Blocks Tennessee Law Restricting Drag Performances

A federal judge temporarily blocked a Tennessee law restricting drag performances the day before it was expected to go into effect.

Contract Reveals FBI Paid Thousands for Network Data

The FBI spent over $70,000, according to the contract.

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