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Associate Shuffled Money Between Joe Biden, Hunter Biden Accounts; President Potential Target Of FBI Investigation, Expert Says

An associate of Hunter Biden shuffled money between his and President Joe Biden’s bank accounts while Joe served as vice president of the United States, new emails show.

Panama warns another caravan of 60,000 Haitian migrants is headed for the US border through Mexico and says it has been sounding alarms to...

Panama's foreign minister has warned that another wave of some 60,000 migrants, mostly Haitian nationals, is now headed toward the southern US border.

‘Justice for J6 Rally’: A Set-Up or a Psy-Op?

A few dozen protesters showed up to last weekend’s “Justice for J6” rally in Washington DC, but that did not stop the authoritarian Washington Beltway establishment from spending millions to again turn the area into a fortress, complete with a militarized Capitol Hill Police force and an army of undercover FBI agents.

Abbott Signs Texas Election Integrity Bill Into Law; Democrats Sue

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott signed a sweeping election integrity bill on Tuesday, after state Democrats delayed the legislation for months when they fled the Capitol in May (and spread Covid-19 throughout Washington DC).

US Lawmaker to Sleep Outside Capitol to Promote Extending Eviction Moratorium

A moratorium on evictions was declared by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to prevent tenants from eviction for failing to pay rent amid a raging coronavirus pandemic and financial troubles caused by lockdowns.

Justice Department launches gun ‘strike forces’ in five major cities

D.C. among the targets as Biden struggles with rise in violent crime.

Texas Democrat Returns to Texas for “Good Faith” Talk on Voting Laws but It’s Too Late

Democrats want to come home to Texas to talk about election laws in “good faith,” but that flew out the window along with their chartered plane to D.C.

White House Is ‘Refusing to Acknowledge’ the ‘Medical Reality’ That Democrats Created a ‘Super-Spreader Event’ in DC

When Texas Democrats fled their home state for Washington, D.C., they framed themselves as earning a page in the history books for their defense of voting rights.

CHD Lawsuit Seeks to Overturn D.C. Law Allowing Kids to Be Vaccinated Without Parents’ Knowledge or Consent

Children’s Health Defense and Parental Rights Foundation sued the District of Columbia mayor, health department and school system, seeking a court order to declare the D.C. Minor Consent for Vaccinations Amendment Act of 2020 unconstitutional.

Texas House Speaker Demands Dems Return Home, Requests They Refuse Pay For Time In D.C.

Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan (R) has put pressure on Texas Democrats to come back home. In a statement released on Thursday, Phelan announced he is chartering a plane to wait for the Democrats in D.C. on Saturday in order to bring them back to Austin.

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