10% Increase in Murder Rates in Majority of Leftist-Run Cities Since 2021: Study

This rise in homicide rates is believed to be a result of defund-the-police movements and soft-on-crime policies supported by left-wing mayors.

Dirtiest and Most Crime-Ridden Cities Are Democrat Run

A new report has ranked 152 cities across the United States on their level of cleanliness, with the five dirtiest cities being found to have Democratic mayors.

US Economy Added 261,000 New Jobs in October as Hiring Stays Strong

The U.S. economy added 261,000 new jobs in October, down from the upwardly revised 315,000 in September, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics...

What the Fed’s Jumbo Rate Hike Means for Your Budget

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 75 basis points during its September Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) policy meeting.

Cities seeing the fastest unemployment recovery

WalletHub compared 180 U.S. cities and changes in their unemployment numbers in May of 2021.

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