Dirtiest and Most Crime-Ridden Cities Are Democrat Run

A new report has ranked 152 cities across the United States on their level of cleanliness, with the five dirtiest cities being found to have Democratic mayors.

The research, carried out by lawn care company LawnStarter, evaluated each city based on factors such as air quality, gas emissions, littering, pests, home quality, and resident opinions.

Houston, Texas, was found to be the dirtiest city, followed by Newark, San Bernardino, Detroit, and Jersey City.

Houston also ranked third in the nation for pollution, fourth for poor living conditions, 12th for infrastructure, and 34th for consumer satisfaction.

According to data from the Census Bureau, Houston also had the third-most gas emissions from large industrial facilities per capita and the largest cockroach problem.

Meanwhile, Virginia Beach, a Republican-run city, was ranked as the cleanest city in the overall ranking. It also ranked 149th for pollution, 112th for living conditions, 98th for infrastructure, and 132nd for consumer satisfaction.

In terms of pollution, Honolulu, Hawaii was the cleanest city, while San Bernardino, California was the most polluted and had the worst consumer satisfaction rating.

New York City had the lowest living conditions score, while Lexington, Kentucky scored the highest.

This report comes after a recent study by WalletHub found that the cities with the highest homicide rates in the US were predominantly run by Democratic governments.

Of the 45 cities ranked, the worst five were found to be Atlanta, Baltimore, Detroit, Las Vegas, and Kansas City.

Only one Republican-run city, Jacksonville, Florida, made it into the top ten.