Viktor Orban

Hungary PM Orban Tells U.S. Conservatives Global Right Must Unite

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Thursday that "globalists can all go to hell," as he invited American conservatives to join hands in a worldwide fight against progressives.

All Trump-Backed Senate Candidates Undefeated in Primaries

Trump endorsed 13 candidates for Senate in the Republican primaries.

Censor The Internet Act: EU Agrees to Expand Online Censorship With ‘Digital Services Act’

The European Union is working to massively expand online censorship, strictly regulate speech during times of "crisis" and restrict online anonymity through digital passports.

EU Moves to Sanction Hungary for Voting the Wrong Way in Sunday’s Election

Less than 48 hours after Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was reelected in a landslide, the EU announced they're going to trigger a never-before-used mechanism aimed at cutting tens of billions of euros in funding to Hungary for violating so-called "democratic norms."

Orban Sails to Victory in Hungary, Mocks Zelensky; 92-96% Vote to Ban LGBT Propaganda Targeting Kids

Hungarian president Viktor Orban sailed to victory on Sunday on a Christian nationalist, anti-LGBT, anti-immigration and anti-war platform.

Countries Can’t Depend on NATO for Protection Without Doing Their Part: Hungarian PM

Hungary’s prime minister said on Friday that he doesn’t believe Western countries can depend on NATO for national security.

America’s Putin Psychosis

The war of words between Russia and the United States over Ukraine escalated further on Tuesday as Russian President Vladimir Putin responded for the first time to the US written reply to Russia’s demands for security guarantees that were expressed in the form of a pair of draft treaties submitted by Moscow to the US and NATO in December.

Biden’s Childish Vendetta Against an EU Leader

Ever since the Democrats took the White House, Washington and Budapest have been drifting ever further apart. But Biden needs to accept that just because Orban disagrees with him doesn’t mean he’s ‘undemocratic’.

Hungary’s Ruling Party Seeks to Limit Ads Featuring Homosexuality

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s lawmakers would ban advertisements that are deemed to “popularize” homosexuality or gender change among children.

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