Viktor Orban

EU Close to Legalizing Installing Spy Software on Journalists’ Electronic Devices

Věra Jourová, Vice-President for Values and Transparency at the European Union (E.U.) Commission, announced a "proposal to protect media freedom in the European Union."

Conservative Commentator Jack Posobeic Placed on Enemies of Ukraine List

Conservative journalist and commentator Jack Posobeic has been placed on the enemies of Ukraine list.

Viktor Orban Says Only Trump Can ‘Save the Western World’

Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban said that Donald Trump is the only one who can stop the ongoing war in Ukraine and "save the Western World."

Ukrainian Officials Reject Hungarian PM’s Call for Peace with Russia

Hungary's Orban publicly implored the U.S. to reconsider its policy of military engagement in Ukraine and to pursue peace negotiations with Russia.

Zelensky Allegedly Planned to ‘Blow Up’ Pipeline Crucial to Hungary

The information came from the recent Discord leaks.

The ‘Young Global Leaders’ of the World Economic Forum

The "Young Global Leaders" program trains individuals through a multi-year seminar to adopt a World Economic Forum worldview.

Hungary PM Orban Tells U.S. Conservatives Global Right Must Unite

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Thursday that "globalists can all go to hell," as he invited American conservatives to join hands in a worldwide fight against progressives.

All Trump-Backed Senate Candidates Undefeated in Primaries

Trump endorsed 13 candidates for Senate in the Republican primaries.

Censor The Internet Act: EU Agrees to Expand Online Censorship With ‘Digital Services Act’

The European Union is working to massively expand online censorship, strictly regulate speech during times of "crisis" and restrict online anonymity through digital passports.

EU Moves to Sanction Hungary for Voting the Wrong Way in Sunday’s Election

Less than 48 hours after Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was reelected in a landslide, the EU announced they're going to trigger a never-before-used mechanism aimed at cutting tens of billions of euros in funding to Hungary for violating so-called "democratic norms."

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