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Majority of U.S. Voters Believe Climate Change is a ‘Religion’ Disconnected from Reality: Survey

A survey shows that the majority of U.S. voters believe climate change is a religion about power and control, while Greta Thunberg deletes a tweet warning of the potential end of humanity due to climate change.

Trump Leads Republican Primary with 55% Support, Emerson Poll Shows

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has experienced a four-point decrease in support since last month, with only 25% of Republican primary voters backing him.

A Gloomy 2023? Here Are Some Bright Spots

The prospects for peace, justice, and the advancement of liberty in 2023 may at first seem further away than ever.

63% Of Voters Want FBI Investigated for Social Media Censorship Push

Now that, with “Twitter Files,” the cat is officially out of the bag regarding the US government and its agencies’ involvement in flagging user content on the social site – the question becomes, should this form of censorship be officially investigated by Congress?

Republicans Hold 8-Point Lead Over Democrats in US 2022 Midterm Elections

Republican candidates hold an eight-point lead over their Democratic rivals in terms of current voter preference for the upcoming 2022 midterm elections, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll released Friday.

60% Of US Voters Say Fauci Is Lying: COVID Came From A Lab

A majority of registered US voters, 60 percent, believe that Covid-19 was indeed created in a Chinese lab and leaked.

US Voters Support Breaking Up Big Tech: Poll

A new poll found that Americans support stricter regulations against Big Tech companies, Axios reported Friday.

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