US Voters Support Breaking Up Big Tech: Poll

A new poll found that Americans support stricter regulations against Big Tech companies, Axios reported Friday.

A survey by Data Progress, a left-leaning polling firm, found that a majority of likely voters supported breaking up massive technology corporations into smaller companies, Axios said.

Democrats and Republicans each responded similarly, with 57% saying they supported breaking up Big Tech, according to Axios.

Twenty-two percent of Democrats answered “strongly supporting” and 35% “somewhat supporting” breaking up the large tech companies such as Amazon and Google.

Republicans responded with 34% “strongly supporting” and 23% “somewhat supporting.”

Axios said the survey found that an overwhelming percentage of Americans are concerned about online content affecting young people. A total of 82% of respondents were somewhat or very concerned about children being radicalized by such content, and 76% were somewhat or very concerned about becoming addicted to online platforms.

The poll showed 90% of people were very or somewhat concerned about data breaches. Axios also reported the survey discovered broad support for new rules affecting social media companies, with equal support from Republicans and Democrats.’

Axios said the Data Progress poll did not ask questions regarding the issue of alleged social media bias against conservatives.

The survey results were reported as Congress discussed new antitrust proposals that would affect Big Tech companies, and days after Lina Khan, a critic of tech monopolies, was sworn in as chair of the Federal Trade Commission.

Last week, lawmakers unveiled sweeping antitrust measures aimed at Big Tech firms such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google in what might be the most ambitious effort in decades to break corporate monopolies.

A bipartisan group of House members introduced five separate bills that propose changes. The proposed legislation could reshape the largest U.S. technology and entertainment companies, and force an overhaul of their business practices.