COVID Cases, Hospitalizations Increase Among Vaxxed: C.D.C. Data

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published new data that shows COVID cases and hospitalization rates have jumped among the vaccinated.

Experts Call for Govt. to Recognize Natural Immunity When Creating Vax Standards

A rising number of specialists are pressing the US government to acknowledge natural immunity, the protection that comes with recovering from COVID-19.

Republicans Introduce ‘TRUCKERS Act’ to Repeal COVID Vax Mandate for Foreign Truckers

Florida Senator Rick Scott led GOP senators in introducing the Terminating Reckless and Unnecessary Checks Known to Erode Regular Shipping (TRUCKERS) Act.

The Centers for Disease Control’s Lies Have Destroyed Its Legitimacy

By refusing to acknowledge the harms of lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccination, the Centers for Disease Control has brought everlasting shame to itself.

‘Trudeau Has Probably Overreacted’: Boston Globe

Traffic jam, not an uprising.

Scotland Hiding Vax Status in COVID Data Due to Concerns of ‘Misrepresentation’ by ‘Anti-vax Campaigners’

Public Health Scotland has revoked its citizens' rights to see how many COVID deaths and hospitalizations occurred in vaccinated patients, citing concerns the data will be used by “anti-vaxx campaigners."

CDC Data Signaling Vaccine Catastrophe

It took only 32 deaths to halt 1976 shot campaign

Vaxxed Over 300% More Likely to Be ‘Out Sick’ with COVID Than Unvaxxed: WSJ

Vaccinated "were the most likely to have worked outside the home."

N.Y. City Terminating Thousands Of Unvaxxed City Workers Today

4,000 city employees will lose their jobs.

It’s Time to End the Mandates

Both sides have a compelling rationale to end the mandates and the State of Emergency. It's time to trust the judgment of the American people.

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